Footwear has always been synonymous with hip hop and pop culture, but when it comes to the world of virtual reality the concept of the latest “kicks” is still a new one. New technological innovations in VR are making user’s gaming experiences more immersive. With the introduction of VR accessories, gamers can now interact with their virtual environments like never before.

Austrian based company Cybershoes is taking this innovation to the next level, with their new VR accessory that allows gamers to walk, run, and jump in their VR gaming environment. Compatible with all the latest VR devices, an easy strap on the binding that fits any type of footwear, and new technology that enables users to track their gaming activity, Cybershoes is literally paving the way for new immersive technology.

The #HipHopMD spent a day at CES 2020 speaking with the amazing team at Cybershoes, interviewing users about their experiences, and learning more about this fully functioning footwear!

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  1. Rayyan Hassan

    Love the way VR is moving but what if it can take a whole different turn, with a whole different outlook not just gaming and Google earth, but with music!

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