Cybershoes CONDA – crowdinvesting campaign Video

Cybershoes CONDA – crowdinvesting campaign

We want to further establish Cybershoe’s brand and position ourself as leading locomotion product on the VR market.  That is why we started a crowdinvestment campaign in Austria, where you can invest in our company and profit from our success. … Continue Reading

Cybershoes Review – Gadget Inspectors

 Note: We only have the words of praise for VRGO developers and we really appreciate the work of any VR developer, both hardware and software, as this is a brave new industry and it needs all ideas to let us … Continue Reading

Cybershoes Review – Sebastian Ang

Cybershoes Indiegogo Campaign Fully Funded in Under 48 Hours


Cybershoes in the press – Digital Trends

These shoes let me stroll through ‘Skyrim,’ and I desperately want to go back FELICIA MIRANDA JANUARY 10, 2019 Michael Bieglmayer and Igor Mitric are a quirky duo from Austria that head a VR brand called Cybershoes. You may have … Continue Reading

Evolution of Cybershoes – Part 4

The year 2016 It was summer 2016 and very hot in our garage. Michael was tired of getting in and out of the harness. Coupling the harness to the support frame was a nuisance. Even worse, getting up and walking … Continue Reading

Evolution of Cybershoes – Part 3

Hey Cyberbudddies, @Article GizmodoからのCybershoesに関するこの新しい記事をチェックして下さい:VRゲーマー必携アイテムですよ! Check this new article from Gizmodo about Cybershoes: VR gamer must-have item!  @DFM  the great news is that we agreed in 10/10 contract agreements with both DFM companies and definitely is confirmed we will make you JUMP! … Continue Reading

Cybershoes Review – Virtual Reality Oasis