BOOYAKASHA!!! We made it, you can JUMP with Cybershoes!!!

Together we made it. Jumping around with Cybershoes is possible. Now with a JUMP feature –> we managed to unlock all stretch goals for Cybershoes: 1.  Z -Scaling (you can reach the virtual ground easily) 2. Eye-Height calibration  3. Jumping 4. Direct … Continue Reading

Cybershoes® – Steam native integration

Awesome, awesome news. Steam answered our calls -> actually it was just one call with the steam developer 🙂 and now we have first-class treadmill support in the Steam Platform. Thanks to Valve, thanks to Joe and his team, Cybershoes will be … Continue Reading


The seated position makes it impossible to pick up things from the ground. That’s why we came up with Z-scaling. Then you can actually reach the virtual ground and fully duck when needed. Plus: the eye-height can be calibrated on … Continue Reading