Claptrap: You can teleport! SoulFoxGaming: Today we spit in the face of teleportation. We walk. The iconic shooter-looter gets in your face! Virtually immerse yourself in the untamed world of Borderlands. Step into the boots of a treasure-seeking Vault Hunter … Continue Reading

Cybershoes Review – ThrillSeeker

Masterpiece on walking in virtual reality by ThrillSeeker Poetry, Essay, Piece of Art

Cybershoes Review – VBunny Go

The VBunny is doing a great Tech Review on Cybershoes® SHOP-discount: coupon VBUNNY1 If you are planning on buying some Cybershoes, you can use the code VBUNNY1 on checkout at our webshop to receive 5% off your order to support the … Continue Reading

Google Earth VR

Discover the Planet Earth on your feet Happy Easter Cyberbuddies, To make Google Earth VR compatible with your Cybershoes – it is probably the most appropriate thing to do for this 2020 Easter. Despite home isolation – now you can … Continue Reading

VR Games – Half-Life: Alyx

Want to be part of VR history -> Now with Cybershoes® If there ever was an ultimate goal for Cybershoes – it would be running as Alyx throughout Combine. Now you can. Grab your shoes and enter this VR adventure … Continue Reading

VR Games – Boneworks

Today we are stepping back into Boneworks with Cybershoes! Stick around towards the end of the stream for a chance to win a copy of Boneworks for steam! Check out Cybershoes here and use code “SoulFoxGaming” for a discount In-Game … Continue Reading

Cybershoes Review – SoulFoxGaming

The Soul Fox Gaming is running around the Rec Room with Cybershoes® SHOP-discount: coupon SoulFoxGaming Playing RecRoom with Cybershoes® brings completely new level of immersion and fun 🙂 If you are planning on buying some Cybershoes, you can use the … Continue Reading

Cybershoes Review – Saints & Sinners by The VR Realm

The @TheVRRealm slaughters in #SaintandSinners immersed with #Cybershoes SHOP-discount: coupon VRREALM5 The team at Cybershoes VR have release a binding for The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners, so we thought we would check this out with our Cybershoes Gaming Station. If … Continue Reading

Cybershoes Review – Hip Hop Science

Footwear has always been synonymous with hip hop and pop culture, but when it comes to the world of virtual reality the concept of the latest “kicks” is still a new one. New technological innovations in VR are making user’s … Continue Reading

Cybershoes Review – No Mans Sky VR with Skeeva007

Skeeva is going for a hike on an alien planet in No Mans Sky in Virtual Reality using the Valve Index & Cybershoes®