Back in Stock: Cybershoes for Quest & SteamVR

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$449.00 $349.00

Foot based VR movement controller for:

  • Oculus Quest Standalone
  • PCVR headsets via SteamVR on Windows 10
    1 Pair of Cybershoes (batteries included)
    1 Cyberchair
    1 Cybercarpet (round diameter 60″)
    1 White Receiver
    3 USB cables
    (does not include VR headset)
  • PLAY AREA: depending on your height, the recommended free space for playing is 75″-90″.
  • Fits all shoe sizes.

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Use feet to walk rather than thumbs


Alleviate motion sickness by natural movement


Activate your body. Stay fit while playing games.

Compatible Games on Quest Standalone

While there are already 60+ SteamVR games compatible with Cybershoes – the list for Quest Standalone Games is only at its beginning. New games will be added soon.

Compatible Games on SteamVR

If you have a Windows 10 gaming PC, you can enjoy our full program of 60+ games. Works with a wired PC VR headset and with the Quest using Virtual Desktop or the link cable.

Additional information

Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 19 × 23 × 12 in

5 reviews for Back in Stock: Cybershoes for Quest & SteamVR

  1. Maltese

    I love this product, it works great and the company tec support was very helpfull, the ceo himself even called me from overseas free of charge to talk me through my minor problem I had and fix the issue. 5 STAR!!!!

  2. Harry Skiggis

    I was an original backer of the Cybershoes. Years later, i still love these things! I get exercise while playing my favorite VR games! The immersion level is ever higher! Great product. Awesome build quality and great support! Highly recommended! (

  3. Mark David Mills

    Fantastic! if I had to sum up this product in one word but as I don’t I won’t.

    The mat and the chair are very high quality, which for the price I paid was quite surprising, also, the ease at which the chair was assembled again I was quite surprised.

    Now the shoes, these are an absolute must for any VR user, you want total immersion you got it, you want a great leg work out whilst enjoying your game you got it! you want a 3 click set-up again you got it.

  4. Justice Scanio

    This is a great product

    • Michael Bieglmayer

      Thank you Justice!

  5. Linn Turner (verified owner)

    A must-have VR accessory. I’ve only had them a day, but had to review out of excitement. I had no problems pairing them, and they worked great on Arizona Sunshine. Once I got everything set up and started the game, it was so fun to not have boundaries. It took a few adjustments to get the stride right, but once I did the immersion was great. It didn’t take long before I got used to the chair and it felt kind of “normal”. It helped my motion sickness a bit, but I’m someone who gets sick quite easily. I’m not going to let that stop me, some ginger and Dramamine and I’ll be back at it. These are one of the best gaming investments I have ever made. For the quality of materials and the amount of fun you’ll have, these are definitely worth it.

    • Michael Bieglmayer

      Thank you Linn. Thanks a lot. Michael.

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