Cybershoes for Quest & SteamVR

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$449.00 $299.00

Foot based VR movement controller for walking in VR / Metaverse. Compatible with:

  • Oculus Meta Quest Standalone
  • PCVR headsets via SteamVR on Windows 10
    1 Pair of Cybershoes (batteries included)
    1 Cyberchair
    1 Cybercarpet (round diameter 60″)
    1 White Receiver
    3 USB cables
    (does not include VR headset)
  • PLAY AREA: depending on your height, the recommended free space for playing is 75″-90″.
  • Fits all shoe sizes.
    Meta Quest Standalone: Alvo, Ancient Dungeon, Arizona Sunshine, Face your Fears II, Grapple Trounament, In Death: Unchained, Journey of Gods, Larcenauts, Myst, Song in Smoke, Until You Fall, VR Chat, Wizards Dark Times. With receiver update: Paranormal Activities, Saints and Sinners. Sidequest: Doom3Quest, Return to Castle Wolfenstein. SteamVR & PC: additional 60 SteamVR games

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Use feet to walk rather than thumbs to walk in VR Metaverse


Alleviate motion sickness by natural movement


Activate your body. Stay fit while playing games.

Compatible Games on Meta Quest Standalone

Compatible Games Cybershoes for Quest - 2022-04-07

Compatible Games on SteamVR

If you have a Windows 10 gaming PC, you can enjoy our full program of 60+ games. Works with a wired PC VR headset and with the Quest using Virtual Desktop or the link cable.

Are you ready to walk in VR Metaverse?

Additional information

Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 19 × 23 × 12 in

50 reviews for Cybershoes for Quest & SteamVR

  1. Maltese

    I love this product, it works great and the company tec support was very helpfull, the ceo himself even called me from overseas free of charge to talk me through my minor problem I had and fix the issue. 5 STAR!!!!

  2. Harry Skiggis

    I was an original backer of the Cybershoes. Years later, i still love these things! I get exercise while playing my favorite VR games! The immersion level is ever higher! Great product. Awesome build quality and great support! Highly recommended! (

  3. Jakob (verified owner)

    Top product. Significantly increases gaming fun.

  4. Justice Scanio

    This is a great product

    • Michael Bieglmayer

      Thank you Justice!

  5. Anthony Ikenna (verified owner)

    This has been the best VR accessory I have ever gotten, and I must say it is really a game changing experience. Vey immersive and changes VR game play totally.. Now I cannot play any smooth locomotion based VR game without the cybershoes.
    It works best for steam vr games though and I think the oculus store should adopt this very quickly.
    There is nothing like it.
    Very comfortable and easy to carry around unlike other VR treadmills.
    This is a game changer.

    Future improvement for recommendation will be:
    Changeable batteries ( rechargeable)
    Heptic feedback or vibration
    360 movement like what you have under a wired non optical mousepad

  6. Marv (verified owner)

    These shoes do pretty much what they claimed they’d do. Mainly for shooters they are a nice alternative to telemotion or controller based locomotion. Although it takes some time to learn, adapt and get comfortable using them. (After 30 years of using a mouse and keyboard, it’s like teaching a fish to walk) Once you get good at it, you’ll appreciate them all that much more. I’m glad I got them. 🙂

  7. jonathan (verified owner)

    Amazing customer support!
    I had a slight problem with the chair not sitting 100% level after assembly. After emailing the company in Austria, the owner responded to me directly and is sending me all new parts for the chair! Couldn’t be happier with the support from this company and for the price of the setup, the materials are top notch. Much heavier, and higher quality materials than I had expected. If you’re thinking about getting this setup, you won’t be disappointed!

  8. Chris (verified owner)

    I purchased these from the manufacturer for my Valve Index, and I am in no way dissatisfied with my purchase. Running and jumping around in VR with these shoes strapped on is about as close to actually moving about in a VR world as I have seen, and I have tried a ton of VR accessories! Motion sickness is virtually eliminated using these, though they do take a bit of configuration to get working properly. The documentation is very sparse, but once set up they are easy to learn and use. A bit pricey, but totally worth it if you are a VR enthusiasts like me!

  9. Rhys (verified owner)

    Hi there, waiting for the package. One question: does it come with the mat and chair?

    • Michael Bieglmayer (verified owner)

      Yes, the Cybershoes gaming station is a complete set with the chair and mat included.
      Thanks, Michael.

  10. M.Strater (verified owner)

    The future of gaming!

  11. Natv (verified owner)

    It’s great to be able to burn some extra calories, but it also feels a lot more immersive to move your feet to walk/run in VR. It might look funny watching someone do this , but when you’re in VR you forget you’re sitting in a chair and it just ends up feeling natural after a while.
    The chair was easy to put together and feels like nice quality and sturdy.
    All in all this is pretty fun, and I didn’t have to redo my Steam VR settings so if I want to play other games standing I can just move the chair out of the way. I play sometimes with Quest standalone as well , and my fav is Arizona Sunshine.

  12. Lucarr (verified owner)

    The Cybershoes are just great..

  13. Mike (verified owner)

    Coming along greatly
    I got the Kickstarter and it took a while to set up, but the shoes work really well and there is a very active community. They have really came along since they first launched.

  14. Eric Moon (verified owner)

    Great alternative VR controller
    Bought these in hopes of more immersion as well as getting rid of motion sickness I felt playing free locomotion in VR. Mission accomplished for both. You get used to sitting and walking right away. Very well built and a pretty sizable compatible games list.

  15. Soul Fox Gaming (verified owner)

    I have been using the Cybershoes for months and I can honestly say they are a unique way to take on the virtual world. Strap in, grab a seat, then get to stepping! Overall the Cybershoes feel comfortable and natural in use. Cybershoes are supported on a multitude of games with multiple headsets(even the quest with virtual desktop)

  16. Joe Arro (verified owner)

    Let your feet do the walking.
    Feels more immersive in VR by letting your feet do the walking instead of your thumb. Does help get rid of the motion sickness? It takes a few minutes to get used to running while sitting but it does feel more natural.
    Big time plus is I am not actually running into my desk or bookshelf because I staying in one spot. Worth the investment if you’re going to spend time in the Matrix. It is compatible with most stuff.
    Highly Recommend.

  17. milliways (verified owner)

    The Cybershoes device is one of the best add ons to my VR experience since my Vive headset. It lets you walk and run in the virtual world while sitting in your home. Adds that extra touch of realism. It does take a bit to get used to using them to simulate walking and running but once you get it figured out it adds immensely to the overall experience.

  18. Tod (verified owner)

    Great Price, Fantastic Device
    The Cybershoes are built strong and are very easy to pair with your Quest. The chair is nice and sturdy and the carpet is of great quality.These are a fantastic item to add to your VR setup. I would definitely recommend these to my family and friends and I’m having a great time with them.

  19. Simon (verified owner)

    As I only have a small area not really enough for room-scale, so have just played seated mainly. I have tried standing playing action games etc, as movement is button or trigger controlled I soon got a bit of motion sickness.
    Then came along these cybershoes, a game-changer for me, I’m now seated running, walking in all directions with independent head movements compared to feet i.e natural so no motion sickness as I’m using my legs and feet for movement., while seated which means i only need a small area, only the size of the carpet included.
    The bar stool is sturdy and of good quality. Build quality off shoes is great with a sturdy ratcheting strap mechanism. Set up was easy all went smoothly.
    That brings me to the customer service, I had a few reservations before I purchased this so emailed customer support a very quick in fact the same night reply to some questions put my mind at rest, and purchased. As I said earlier I had a few issues getting them to work and sent a de-bug file to customer services which they solved ( showed me my errors😉) within 24hrs.
    2 days in and my legs know I’ve been running which is good.

  20. Frank (verified owner)

    I’m pleasantly surprised by the Cybershoes!

  21. Michael (verified owner)

    Till now I was mainly playing racing sims, as I could not immerse myself into any games that had walking as a part of the experience. Cybershoes fixed that for me, after some minutes you can directly dive into the experience. It feels just natural walking through virtual worlds and I can also play much longer. I can definitely say, worth the money, to complete my VR setup.

  22. John (verified owner)

    watch the videos about these magic shoes on YouTube, we are very satisfied and the quality of the carpet and the seat is just great.

  23. MeneH (verified owner)

    I bought the Cybershoes mainly for Half-Life Alyx to increase the immersion.

  24. Mark David Mills (verified owner)

    Fantastic! if I had to sum up this product in one word but as I don’t I won’t.

    The mat and the chair are very high quality, which for the price I paid was quite surprising, also, the ease at which the chair was assembled again I was quite surprised.

    Now the shoes, these are an absolute must for any VR user, you want total immersion you got it, you want a great leg work out whilst enjoying your game you got it! you want a 3 click set-up again you got it.

  25. Tim (verified owner)

    I just want to say thank you to you for making it possible to walk in half life Alyx! I think this is the way such Games are meant to be played! It feels much better to walk than teleporting even when you are sitting in!
    Speed at 200 is perfect for playing but I will try 300 the next Time I play because I want the possibility to Sprint!

  26. Peter K. (verified owner)

    Currently the best weapon against motion sickness, stop walking through VR unarmed!

  27. Uwe (verified owner)

    Cybershoes: The Best Cure Against Motion Sickness…

  28. Juraj (verified owner)

    Must have VR accessory for FPS games
    It’s super fun – ever since I got Cybershoes I don’t play any VR shooter without it. I would heavily recommend Arizona Sunshine.
    It provides an intuitive way of locomotion – just try to walk while sitting, you will get it right in a minute.
    You will burn calories while playing – prepare for soreness 😀
    It minimizes motion sickness – does not make you feel dizzy like joystick / trackpad movement.
    It’s durable – my gaming station was used during several public events, each one usually means 6-7 hours of continuous usage (battery will last probably a little longer). So far not a single issue. You can even stand on them although this is not recommended.
    Easy HW setup – open the box and you will get things assembled in 5min.
    It’s super portable!
    Easy SW setup – quick installation & calibration, pick any compatible game & That’s it!
    Perfect eye-catcher at events – during public events there was always somebody waiting in the line to try them.
    Super price!
    Perfect support

  29. Fiona (verified owner)

    Cybershoes are a must have for VR users and the ones who want to become one. VR games make way more fun with them, as they reduce motion sickness massively. I tested them at gamescom and I’m glad I have my own ones now. They’re easy to install and use, as you get all you need in the gamestation package : carpet, barstool, mounts for the VR-cable and the shoes of course. Get them, if you don’t already have !

  30. Rene (verified owner)

    The hottest shoes for VR

  31. Michaela Sali (verified owner)

    Played 70 minutes in a row without motion sickness with a running distance of more than 2 km.
    This makes movement in VR fun.

  32. Skyrimer (verified owner)

    Loving my cybershoes, installation is flawless, really easy to setup, the app has lots of profiles for the best games and others just work, having tons of fun playing half life alyx and more while running around with cybershoes, it’s currently the most immersive and affordable locomotion available.

  33. Brad Ballew (verified owner)

    I’m loving my Cybershoes. Finally got a chance to really try them this past weekend. It really helps with immersion!

  34. Jakob Lind (verified owner)

    Works just as expected. Simple but genius solution to seated locomotion in VR. Interacts nicely with games via configurable bindings, as long as the game allows analog movement controls it will work.

  35. Bart (verified owner)

    Does it work with OCULUS QUEST?

  36. Andy Lowndes (verified owner)

    The cybershoes are brilliant, tried them in the forest and they worked perfectly, being able to walk in vr is far more immersive than teleportation, it just feels more natural.
    Big thanks to the Cybershoes team.

  37. James (verified owner)

    Some important notes so far after tinkering for 2 hours:

    – This is amazing for immersion.

    -roller movement is key to movement in game. Rollers stop, movement stops immediately

    -build quality is outstanding. As durable as a snow boot.

    -standing and walking is possible (although not intended use case). However the requirement for rollers to be moving constantly means you would need a vr treadmill platform to allow continuous walking in place. Slipping is a real thing so vr treadmill with harness needed for safety.

    Very impressed so far cybershoes team. These things feel like premium tech and work with more precision than i ever thought they would.



  38. Hannes Pavelsson (verified owner)

    Yes, thanks for pushing VR forward in another direction than the big players.
    Shoes are working as advertised, 3 hours of charging is enough for long play sessions. You need some time to get comfy to sitting and walking, but for me was like in second Onward playsession it was natural. really cool, speed up recharging weapons cause can move with my feet and recharge. I am playing mostly via AirLInk but some games on standalone as Arizona Sunshine and Myst ( great game btw) .

  39. Jay J Kay (verified owner)

    Thank you for working hard to make this happen! Please make Onward and Township Tales compatible with my shoes!!

  40. Eugene Lin (verified owner)

    Cybershoes really completes the VR experience – it brings natural movement controls to home VR games like nothing else!

  41. Yuji Sasaki (verified owner)

    Thank you for creating Cybershoes!

  42. makoto shindodo (verified owner)


  43. Dan Picar (verified owner)

    Team has been amazing. You guys did a really great job. I love my cybershoes.

  44. kaz 25 (verified owner)

    Great quality item. Very impressed with this product and so glad of the purchase, a birthday pressie for my partner, who enjoys VR. Packaging is good, instructions are a little sparse, it would be excellent if these were extended apart from that so far so good, not quite set up proper but their fb page are very quick to reply. Well worth the money!!
    Update, all set up now and it works a treat, takes Pavlov and others to whole new level, be prepared to have leg muscles like never before…haha…

  45. Alex Keable (verified owner)

    Playing Doom Mod on Quest or 1st person games with smooth locomotion has never felt so cool. No more motion sickness, just a great experience I would recommend to anyone

  46. Kristin Griffin (verified owner)

    I love my Cybeshoes and must say the chair is very comfortable as well! The carpet is quite good looking it doesn’t ruin the style of my gaming corner. To bad I can’t post some photos 🙁 🙁 🙁

  47. Linn Turner (verified owner)

    A must-have VR accessory. I’ve only had them a day, but had to review out of excitement. I had no problems pairing them, and they worked great on Arizona Sunshine. Once I got everything set up and started the game, it was so fun to not have boundaries. It took a few adjustments to get the stride right, but once I did the immersion was great. It didn’t take long before I got used to the chair and it felt kind of “normal”. It helped my motion sickness a bit, but I’m someone who gets sick quite easily. I’m not going to let that stop me, some ginger and Dramamine and I’ll be back at it. These are one of the best gaming investments I have ever made. For the quality of materials and the amount of fun you’ll have, these are definitely worth it.

  48. VRFan10 (verified owner)

    I should mention that my girlfriend tried them and thought the movement weird, again because the walking mechanic is a bit awkward until you get the hang of it. But the good news is that she’s extremely sensitive to motion sickness in VR while moving, sometimes even with teleporting, and she was fine even after walking around for a while. So, Cybershoes are great for anyone with heavy motion sickness problems.

    • Michael Bieglmayer (verified owner)

      Great that Cybershoes helped her with motion sickness. So glad to hear that. Here is a discount code for your next order “CyberActive.”
      Enjoy running together. Best Michael

  49. Liam from Pixel Canvas Studios (verified owner)

    Thanks for sending over so fast Cybershoes! We are working on VR vs Crowd content so that we create VR booth that allow VR players to play against the crowd at events. And the shoes are a killer for minimizing the space required per station. You guys rock!

  50. EricVR (verified owner)

    Is A Township Tale coming soon? Michael wrote on Discord that you guys are talking with devs about integration. I would love to play it natively on my Quest without a PC. And my daughter as well 🙂

    • Michael Bieglmayer (verified owner)

      Hi Eric, working on it. Possible good news this month. Thanks, Michael.

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