How to setup your Cybershoes for Quest

Health and Safety Warnings (read prior use!)
After pairing: unplug an re-plug the receiver one.
Calibrate: look forward, point shoes forward and press the receiver button.
Game Hints: find out how to configure your game.

  • Turn on Cybershoes & check that both LED’s on the receiver are blinking
  • Then press for 3 seconds the receiver button to enter pairing mode.
  • Wait for Cybershoes to appear (takes up to 70seconds).
  • Select and accept PAIR
  • Last step: Unplug and replug the receiver. This is only needed the first time.
  • Reboot Quest
  • When in pair mode, the receiver LEDs are white. When the receiver is blinking again pairing has timed out.
  • Shoes must be on and connected (video on how to connect)
  • After pairing timeout, unplug and replug receiver (at least after a first failed attempt)
  • close Quest pair menu and initiate pairing again
  • wait for “Cybershoes” to appear
  • on Quest1, please quickly reactivate pairing
  • Select Cybershoes and accept PAIR
  • Last step: Unplug and replug the receiver. This is only needed the first time.

Look forward, point shoes forward and press the receiver button once.

How to walk

From watching the videos, it may appear that it is enough to swing the legs forward and backward. But there is more to it. You want that the roll is turning in one direction. Walking forwards: slightly lift your leg when placing the foot forward. Or, slightly lift your toes when putting the foot forward – this also lifts the roll from the ground.

Rolls have momentum – abrupt stop: place both feet on the ground.

When the start-light goes off: immediately press the button. The time window for changing frequency is very small.

Game Hints

Install from Sidequest (respectively update your version) and follow the instructions on Doom3Quest

Double press the receiver button to invert FWD/BWD motion.

Triple-Press the receiver button to activate a mode that matches the walk-sprint behavior of this game.
The receiver forgets this mode when powered off. You can Triple-Press before, and, or after calibration.

Content Creators & Developers

1080p recording causes severe compression artifacts in movement. However, with the below settings, the recording is crisp and clear at 720p. In our opinion, the quality is better as compared to Wifi-6 streaming, especially when in motion.

Set the speed-slider to a relatively slow setting: this corresponds to a 1:1 speed making the recording look more natural.

Recording on Quest2 in 16:9 without compression artifacts using SideQuest and the internal recording

More information and a suggestion for a seated mode:

The Fast Method

Unreal Engine > Engine Input > Bindings

  • add Gamepad Left Thumbstick to your Y-Axis and X-Axis Mappings
  • add Gamepad Left Thumbstick Press to your toggle “Sprint” Action

More information including an example: