Return to Castle Wolfenstein

The Cybershoes integration is now live on Sidequest.

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  1. Sideload this to your Quest:  Return to Castle Wolfenstein on Sidequest
  2. Go to unkown sources as start RTCWQuest once (game will exit immediately)
  3. Purchase Return to Castle Wolfenstein here:
    For 1.48 on Instant Gaming (you’ll get a Steam-key)
    or for 3.49 on Kinguin (you’ll get a Steam-key)
    or for 4.99 on Steam
  4. Locate the install of return to Castle Wolfenstein on your PC, if installed from Steam then it will be somewhere like C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamApps/common/RTCW/
  5. Copy the following PK3 files from the installed RTCW game folder on your PC (in the Main folder) to the /RTCWQuest/Main folder (and allow any overwrites) on your Oculus Quest whilst it is connected to the PC:
  6. For better textures: Copy all PK3 files from the folder “Venom Mod – RtCWquest edition” to your Quest folder “RTCWQuest/Main”. Overwrite if needed.
  7. More information on the mod, visit Team Beef’s official page:

Return to Castle Wolfenstein is the ideal game to level up your Cybershoes-Strafing capabilities. When you see an enemy down the hallway: turn 90° to your side and use the shoes to peek into the hallway, shoot, and go back to shelter.

  • Don’t crank up speed too much!
  • Be aware: when you collide (a door/wall) your movement is deflected at full speed to the side. Approach a door carefully to avoid sickness.
  • In general: this has a high frame rate although graphics are really nice. You should not worry about motion sickness if you take above hint into account.
  • Use B to jump (when collecting things from a table)

Don’t be upset in the first moment: once you’ve collected a useful weapon you’ll be both handed in VR!