Cybershoes and VR Master League joined forces to bring the world’s most famous VR Youtubers to the Onward Tournament during a Gamescom 2020.

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Team Green (overal winner)

1. Project Jamesify “Captain”
2. The Lonely Viper
3. Gaming Lady Nici
4. Gamertag VR

Team Red (fastest runners)

1. Soul Fox Gaming “Captain”
2. Proper D
3. VBunny Go
4. Obake TV
5. VR Gamer Dude

Team Blue (fighting hard)

1. Alex VR “Captain”
2. Eric for President
3. Steve Knows
4. Skeeva007
5. Dr. Oculus

Every generation has its superheroes.

A Round-robin on Uplink that would go like this:

– 1st match: Team Red vs Team Blue
– 2nd match: Team Red vs Team Green
– 3rd match: Team Blue vs Team Green

Each of those matches would be a Best-of-3 maps (first team winning 2 maps, win the match)
Map pool is limited to Bazaar, Quarantine and Suburbia (day versions)
We’re expecting the whole tournament to last about 3 hours including the tech issues / possible downtimes between matches to gather the troops.

Active gaming.

Live your game.