Hey Cyberbuddy, what’s up?

Summer has finally arrived and everyone around me seems to be dating and in love. Oh, I’m so lonely. It’s time I find myself a man too. But I’m pretty unsure what kind of guy I am looking for. Well, you know, if you don’t search for it you’ll not find it, right? So let’s check out what the VR world has to offer. Oh my god, I’m so excited. 


Alvo VR

for Meta Quest

I think a heroic and strong man would suit me well. Oh man, I need a hero! Could I find one in an FPS-Game? There are a bunch of dudes with guns and muscles. I put my VR glasses and Cybershoes on and immerse myself in Alvo



for Meta Quest

That was a fantastic experience!  But I dunno. Too many guns,  weapons, and macho bullshit. I’m too gentle for that. I need an intellectual. A romantic and tender dude that will hold me in his arms and tells me goodnight stories.

This one is probably into puzzle games. Let’s try to find one in Myst


No Man's Sky

for Steam VR

Damn, nothing. Now I’m desperate. I was really looking everywhere! But nada. Nothing. Not one single man. Such a shame! Good game though. It’s not the time to give up yet. If I cannot find a soulmate in an earthly world, maybe I have to look further?

What about space? Oh gosh, what a woman needs to do to find the right one? 


Ok. That was a blast. On the red planet, behind my spaceship engine, he took me on the adventure of my life. I got so excited I just had to scream out loud!  

We enjoyed a spectacular journey together and got lost behind frontiers. Did I finally meet the man of my dreams? I get all excited at the thought of seeing him again.

Did you know?

We created a Cybershoes Tutorial App for you that is now available on Oculus. 

We want to ensure that you will have the best possible experience with your Cybershoes. Therefore, we created the Cybershoes App to help you set up your shoes and master the walking. Moreover, the app will keep you updated about new features and compatible games. 

Great News

Receiver for Meta Quest

The new receivers are now also compatible with Oculus Quest. You can order the white receivers from us. Just write us a mail to 



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Ask Michael

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“Soulmates aren’t the ones who make you happiest, no. They’re instead the ones who make you feel the most.”
– Victoria Erickson