Run in VR like in real life
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Story of magic shoes

Greetings Cyberbuddy,

VR is an endless space, but your room is your limitation, and your joystick is your legs. We’ve fixed that.
A journey beyond frontiers requires a new explorer with a new pair of shoes.

Now, awarded at CES 2020 and confirmed by the community at Gamescom, E3 and Tokyo Game Show, we are officially the world’s first and only VR shoemakers.

We make shoes for VR explorers, adventurers, dreamers, gamers and all those looking for true VR and full immersion. With Cybershoes, you can slip into the boots of your favorite game character, step into any game, run and unleash the full potential of VR.

Walk in VR like in real life and reach new highscores with less VR sickness.

We are very proud to announce that we have successfully shipped 6000 units worldwide via our Webshop alone.

Community Feedback is overwhelming; from helping with motion sickness and everyday fitness, Cybershoes are becoming an essential asset to VR users worldwide, bringing a gaming experience to an entirely new level.

The market is full of giant, clunky, extremely expensive treadmills that are not affordable for most VR users. So we invested our time and money to build shoes for running in virtual reality. The best gaming shoes. Your Cybershoes.

We are proud to present you our top and most wanted VR product – Cybershoes For Quest & Steam VR – a fully immersive VR gaming experience.
It is an arcade for your home and comes with Cybercarpet and Cyberchair.

Have fun Cyberbuddy &
Run in VR like in real life.

Cybershoes ®

Run in VR like in real life

Real running, real immersion

You intuitively control your own movement in virtual reality with your legs instead of your fingers on the controller. Fits all shoe sizes and comes with included Cyberchair and Cybercarpet. Real running, real gameplay, more points.


Reduces motion sickness

Easy set-up and connection to your VR system. Strap on the Cybershoes, start the game and step into VR. Reach new high scores without the sickness.


90+ Compatible Games

With Cybershoes at your feet you can feel like you’re exploring ancient ruins or fleeing from a grasping horde of the undead. Click “More Apps & Games” to see the full list of recommended settings.

Works with your VR Set including Valve Index | Meta Quest 1 & 2 | Meta Quest Pro | Oculus Rift & S | Meta Quest with Virtual Desktop or Link cable | Pimax | all Windows Mixed Reality Headsets | Samsung Odyssey + Acer | WMR Lenovo | WMR Dell | Visor Medion | WMR | HTC Vive Headsets | Pico

Cybershoes for Quest & SteamVR

comes with the perfect seat for your virtual journeys.

Top Seller

Now you have the full setup for stepping into your favorite games!  

IN THE BOX INCLUDED: 1 Pair of Cybershoes (batteries included) | 1 Cyberchair| 1 Cybercarpet (round diameter 60″/150cm) | 1 White Receiver | 3 USB cables // Fits all shoe sizes


CES Innovation Award 2020

Native Integration

Powered by the Steam gaming platform games that can be run via controllers can be played with Cybershoes.

Install Cybershoes
software from Steam

Wireless connection

to Windows PC



Meta Quest

Standalone Integration

With the help of the receiver for your Meta Quest, you can now play your favorite VR games without requiring a Gaming PC.
Attach the receiver to the front (or side) of your Quest, connect it to a USB hub, pair it via Bluetooth in the Quest settings and you’re ready to walk.
We encourage you to download the Cybershoes tutorial app from Meta App Lab for the best Cybershoes Way Of Walking experience.

Install Cybershoes Tutorial App

Meta App Lab

Bluetooth connection

to Meta Quest


Wathc the review on the award winning Cybershoes.
Your first choice in premium class VR locomotion.

“A tech that challenges brain and body.”

VR Sickness

Yes, Cybershoes® does help.


The reason is: When you walk in real life, you naturally move your head slightly from side to side and up and down. These are exactly the same movements that you perform while using Cybershoes®.

Want to see how far you've come? Track your miles and see what you've achieved so far. Collect badges for playing games and secure your spot in the community leaderboard.

Active Gaming

Burn calories by playing
your favorite games

Low stress and impact experience allows you to excersice while you play. Track your physical activity using Cybershoes® and determine the distance played in Steam VR games.


Secure your place in the Rankings.

Want to see how far you’ve come? Track your miles and see what you’ve achieved so far. Collect badges for playing games and secure your spot in the community leaderboard. 


Youtubers, Gamers, Streamers using Cybershoes daily

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Ask Michael

24/7 , Cybershoes CEO at your service

If you want to ask Cybershoes inventor a question, get some help with troubleshooting, share ideas with him, share your love…. whatever – just send him an email.

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Compatible with the VR Headsets:

Valve Index | Meta Quest 1 | Meta Quest 2 | Meta Quest Pro | Oculus Rift | Oculus Rift S | Meta Quest with Virtual Desktop or Link cable | Pimax | all Windows Mixed Reality Headsets | Samsung Odyssey + Acer | WMR Lenovo | WMR Dell | Visor Medion | WMR | HTC Vive Headsets| HTC Wireless Adapter | HTC Vive Pro Series | HTC Vive Pro Eyes | HTC Vive Focus with Riftcat | HTC Vive Focus Series | HTC Vive Cosmos Series

*PICO Headsets – we are testing it and will announce the results in the DAILY NEWS section. Sign up for our newsletter and be the first to find out about the latest news.

Loving my Cybershoes

Installation is flawless, really easy setup, the app has lots of profiles for the best games and others just work, having tons of fun playing Half Life Alyx and more while running around with Cybershoes, it’s currently the most immersive and affordable locomotion available.


Word of Cyberbuddy

Playing Skyrim, Doom or 1st person games with smooth locomotion has never felt so cool. No more motion sicknes, just a great experience I would recommend to anyone!

Alex Keable