More questions? Please explain your issue and contact us with your SteamVR report at dev@

Quest standalone: see
White or black receiver with SteamVR: connect with PC and continue reading.


Install Cybershoes Software from STEAM
Find Cybershoes here:


Health and Safety Warnings (read prior use!)
Compatible Games (view table)
Game table explained (video)
Cable management (explore)
3rd party bar stools (explore)

Jumping and climbing (vertical movement) may induce motion sickness.
If you feel that the movement is too fast, lower the sensitivity slider on the receiver.

Moving backwards? Go to Cy SteamVR overlay and hit follow Cybershoes again.

Step by Step Guide


  • Install the software that came with your headset, then Steam and SteamVR
  • Make sure your VR headset is connected via SteamVR.
  • Connect Oculus Quest using SteamVR: see
  • Works only on Windows 10, no cloud streaming


  • Install Cybershoes Software from STEAM
  • Make sure that both LED are flashing on the receiver.
    If not watch this video (same procedure for Quest and SteamVR versions, just that the black receiver is connected to your PC).
  • Open Steam menu inside VR and Click on CYBERSHOES icon
  • Calibrate Shoes (in “status” line it changes to follow shoes)
  • Activate Z-scaling or Crouch Assistant

About the User Interface

  • CYBERSHOES>GAMES: check for compatible game.
  • CYBERSHOES>GAME HINTS: settings that must be applied in game.
    Summary: always set the game to head oriented movement if possible.
  • RecRoom and Cyberrunner are suitable free games for a first test.
About Walking

From watching the videos, it may appear that it is enough to swing the legs forward and backward. But there is more to it. You want that the roll is turning in one direction. Walking forwards: slightly lift your leg when placing the foot forward. Or, slightly lift your toes when putting the foot forward – this also lifts the roll from the ground.

A jump is triggered when the rolls are turning fast in opposite directions. Only for games that have the “jump!” in the game table. It may take up to a week, then your Cybershoes muscles are ready for all night long play sessions  ????

Rolls have momentum – abrupt stop: place both feet on the ground.


SteamVR required.

Cloud streaming services do not work. Virtual Desktop streaming: works

No User Interface Visible

Software might be blocked. Please turn on:
steamVR->settings->startup->ADD-ONS: “cybershoes”
steamVR->settings->startup->OVERLAY APPS:  “Cybershoes”

You have a RADEON/AMD graphics card: Please change to the branch called: legacy_ui
! Connect monitor to the same GPU (graphics card) as the headset. If you are on a laptop, force the system to use the high power GPU. Please see this video on how to change to another branch.

Self Diagnosis

Main Trouble Shooting Video
LEDs not blinking (video – please connect the black receiver to your PC!)
Receiver connection issues (only voice)
Multiplayer setup (video)

Game Table Explained (Video)

How to load a community binding (video)
Half-Life: Alyx specifics (video)

Left Handed User

You can also help yourself by editing the active BINDING. Go to EXTRA SETTINGS, change the selection to “return with RIGHT hand”. Please see this (video), it explains the binding system. Contact us with the game you need assistance with.


The wireless adapter has no interference > please place the Cybershoes receiver closer.
No Viveport*. No cloud streaming services.

Game table (explaining video):
Happy to try adding support for a game that runs on the Cosmos but not with Cybershoes.
The type of hand controller makes the difference. Using index controllers on a Vive->please look for the Index column.

* No-one asked yet for Viveport. You can contact us with your SteamVR report, then we can see the Viveport IDs of the games that you’ve played on this day. We can try to add them. If it is more games, please tell us the order in that you’ve launched the games.


Quest 1 and 2 using steamVR: see

Install Oculus and SteamVR software bundles.
Install Revive for select Oculus games.

Game table (explaining video)
Quest + Link Cable is exactly like the RiftS.
Quest + Virtual Desktop is more like VIVE.
SteamVR not accessible? See or the corresponding short-link in the game table.

Software might be blocked. Please turn on:
steamVR->settings->startup->ADD-ONS: “cybershoes”
steamVR->settings->startup->OVERLAY APPS:  “Cybershoes”

White receiver with Quest: For certain games, like Skyrim, it’s necessary to deactivate “emulate gamepad on PC” inside Virtual Desktop on Quest in order to prevent double input. Connect white receiver to PC.


Install Windows Mixed Reality driver for SteamVR

Game table (explaining video):
WMR headsets use a different controller layout. For older games it is necessary to load the community bindings (video).
All games that were tested with the Reverb G2 worked, in case you’re having troubles with a certain game, please conmtact us dev @


Install PIMAX drivers.

Game table (explaining video):
Using VIVE wands > look for VIVE
Using INDEX controllers>look for INDEX

Troubles: please disconnect the Cybershoes recevier and verify that the game runs. Connect hand controllers first, then launch SteamVR.



  • If the troubleshooting tips aren’t helpful, please send us your SteamVR system report and describe your issue: dev@

  • No Cybershoes icon?

Check USB cable, use another hub

  • Software might be blocked. Please turn on:
    steamVR->settings->startup->ADD-ONS: “cybershoes”
    steamVR->settings->startup->OVERLAY APPS:  “Cybershoes”

  • Open User Interface
    Cy icon can be hidden under another icon at the same spot.

  • Broken or no user interface? Please send us your report.

  • No data connection
    If you can’t see the speed values changing like below:
    – check USB cable, use another hub
    – turn on: steamVR->settings->startup->ADDON: “cybershoes”

  • Walking direction is mixed up
    Please check game hints and switch to follow HMD where possible
  • Are you Left-Handed?
    Sorry, this is not easy to solve for us because it would void all existing bindings.
    The solution is to activate “extra settings > return with right hand” in the game bindings.
    Please watch the create bindings video. Appreciated when sharing this binding as “for LEFT HANDED USERS”.
    Feel free to ask us regarding a title when you need help!
  • Can’t walk in-game
    For game/headset combinations that have a “YES” in our game table, it is necessary to load a community binding.
    “OK” means no further action needed. See this video
  • Still problems? Please send us your SteamVR system report dev@