Pack of 2: Cybershoes LT – Shoes, Chair 2.0, White Quest Receiver


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For B2B we offer a set of 2x Cybershoes LT to bring the thrill of running in virtual reality to you. This comes with the brand new stylish seat design. Use the shoes on your own carpet!

Get Classic Cybershoes

You want the original? OK, then go get the Cybershoes with carpet, chair, and white receiver.

  • . get . Fits all shoe sizes.
  • Includes shoes, chair, white receiver.
  • Compatible with select games on Quest 1,2,3 Standalone,
    like Arizona Sunshine, Saints and Sinners, VR Chat.
  • Compatible with over 70 games on SteamVR

Enhance your virtual reality experience with Cybershoes to:

  • Increase immersion
  • Reduce motion sickness
  • Improve fitness

Supreme quality
Best-Selling VR Shoes in the EU

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Cybershoes LT - use your own carpet


Increased Imersion

Use feet to walk rather than thumbs

Motion Sikness

Alleviate motion sickness by natural movement

Play Area

depending on your height, the recommended free space for playing is 75″ – 90″ (190 – 220 cm)


Fits All Shoe Sizes

Play with your Headset:

Valve Index | Meta Quest 1 & 2 & 3| Meta Quest Pro | Oculus Rift & S | Meta Quest with Virtual Desktop or Link cable | Pimax | all Windows Mixed Reality Headsets | Samsung Odyssey + Acer | WMR Lenovo | WMR Dell | Visor Medion | WMR | HTC Vive Headsets

*PICO Headsets – we are testing different games with it and will announce the results in the DAILY NEWS section. Sign up for our newsletter and be the first to find out about the latest news.  3 GAMES FOR PICO CONFIRMED

Step 1

Turn ON your Cybershoes


Step 2

Strap on your Cybershoes

While seated, the user straps on the Cybershoes over his or her shoes. One size fits all. The calibration and linking to your VR rig is incredibly simple and getting ready to play is as easy as sitting in your favorite swivel bar stool and strapping on the Cybershoes to your feet

Step 3

Connect the receiver to your Oculus Quest or Quest 2

Wireless Cybershoes connect to a Quest headset via Bluetooth and features an inside-out tracking system. The beauty is that the Cybershoes are seen as a Bluetooth gamepad by the Quest headset, making it very easy for game developers to integrate this awesome locomotion method in their games.

Step 4

Let’s move

As legs move, the chair is forgotten in no time. What counts is that you’re active and this – sort of – tricks the brain. With Cybershoes you extend the borders of your living room.

How it Works

4 easy steps

As legs move, the chair is forgotten in no time. What counts is that you’re active and this – sort of – tricks the brain. With Cybershoes you extend the borders of your living room.


360° freedom

Comfortable, stable with easy rotation and a modern design that does not make it look weird in your room when not using your cybershoes – is beloved by the VR community.

Cybershoes LT - use your own carpet

Cybercarpet – not included

Use your own carpet! Classic Cybershoes come with a carpet to ensure opimal rolling quality. We designed this product, Cybershoes LT, because many people do have carpets and we can save you a lot of money. 


White receiver is connector of your Cybershoes to your PC or Standalone Headset.

Peceiver to PC

If you are playing with your gaming PC then plug white receiver to one of your USB slots. Install Cybershoes from SteamVR.

Receiver to Meta Quest

If you are playing with Quest standalone then plug receiver in USB slot. You can always plug receiver on side of your quest. In FAQ section you can find a help with:
Using receiver and extra battery pack
Entering run mode
pressing receiver


In The Box

  • Pair of Cybershoes (batteries included)
  • Cyberchair
  • White Receiver
  • 3 USB Cables (without ac-adapter)
  • User Manual


If you want to play with your friends in the same room, now you can. We support up to 5 gaming stations to be played simultaneously in your home or local arcade. For more information and how to set up multiple shoes, read this FAQ section: How To Setup for Multiplayer.

Steam VR Games

If you have a Windows 10 gaming PC, you can enjoy our full program of 80+ games. Works with a wired PC VR headset and the Quest using Virtual Desktop on Air Link.

Meta Quest Games

While there are already 70+ SteamVR games compatible with Cybershoes – the list of Quest Standalone Games is limited including titles like Arizona Sunshine, Saint and Sinners, or VR Chat.

We recommend downloading the Cybershoes Tutorial App to set up your shoes and learn more about Quest games.


    • Shoes Dimension: a x b x c in
    • Connection to: PC Radio Frequency
    • Connection to Quest: Bluetooth
    • Batteries: 2 lithium-ion batteries are required. (included)
    • Charging: 3 hours
    • Playtime: 9 hours
    • Region: CE certification (EU), FCC certification
  • Item Weight: 14 kg
  • Package Dimensions: 20 x 24 x 12 inch (49 x 59 x 29 cm)
  • Shipping EU: GLS
  • Shipping USA: UPS
  • Shipping Worldwide: UPS
  • Shipping UK: only available via Amazon
  • Warranty: Two Years Limited Warranty