Oculus/Meta: force to run via Steam

Some games have the Oculus and the Steam plugin activated. When connected to a Rift(S) or Quest the Oculus plugin has priority and shuts SteamVR completely out.
In some cases there is a relatively easy fix: just rename the Oculus plugin directory.

1. Purchase the game on STEAM.

2. Locate

Rename the Oculus folder and call it e.g. “deactivate Oculus
On some systems, after a restart that’s all you need to do. If not, continue with step

3. If necessary:

Locateusers\yourusename\AppData\Local\GAMENAME\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditorIn GameUserSettings.iniadd in the last line
bEnableOculusSteamVR=True(it might be set to False by default).